Locked and Loaded! Ready for the World Famous Chicken Drop Contest!

Video by Joe Czachorowski.

Get ready for the Eleventh Annual World Famous Chicken Drop Contest!

Planes will roar down the runway and toss out a rubber chicken in an attempt to hit the back of a pick up truck with their chicken. Pilots look forward to this event all year and some have even custom designed “chicken launchers” for their aircraft.  “I was supposed to attend a family wedding that day, but I’m going to the chicken drop” says pilot Joe Czachorowski, with a big devilish grin.

All local sponsoring businesses will have chickens named and dropped for them during the competition.  No one has ever been able to get a chicken in the back of the truck. . . yet — but this could be the year that happens. Whoever lands closest to the truck wins! One local business will be claimed the “CHAMP” !

Many different types of airplanes will be flying in the Chicken Drop including: Yaks, RVs, T-6s and who knows what else! Pilots are in rare form and been known to cheat with their chicken bombs, so come see some fancy flying all in good fun!

Meet Captain Peeps, the Official Chicken Drop Mascot! Zeke Przygocki is his real name and he is a Captain on an Airbus A320 flying for United Airlines. Zeke and his wife Stephanie are from Dewey Beach, DE. “We had a blast at Easton Airport Day in 2017, and can’t wait to come back,” Zeke says.

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